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It’s a place where “innovation” and “insurance” live side-by-side. Where agile teams combine a start-up mindset with Fortune 100 pockets to protect customers in ways other insurance companies haven’t even begun to consider. And where your quality of life is just as important as that of our customers.

Surprised to learn that place is Liberty Mutual Insurance?  You’re not alone. You could say we’re a bit of a hidden gem.

But if our Best Tech Secret sounds like your idea of a perfect opportunity, we invite you to join us. Eager to place human beings at the center of everything you do? So are we. Want your passions outside of work to inform the job you do inside the office? We can’t wait to hear your ideas. Proactive, resourceful, and ready to use modern technologies and open frameworks to inspire and empower? Let’s build something beautiful together. 

Help us change how the world thinks about insurance.


Own the customer journey. Not to mention your own.

Our customers expect easy-to-use products and services that cater to their needs. Our tech teams aren’t just meeting those expectations—they’re helping to shape them. To do it, they’re gaining inspiration from digital-first companies to rapidly adopt new skills and practices. They’re implementing design thinking and cutting-edge agile practices at every stage of project development to gain a deeper understanding of what drives our customers. They’re gathering real-time customer feedback and iterating on solutions that alleviate customer paint points. Most importantly, they’re creating end products they’re confident will make a positive difference in people’s lives, and that they can really be proud of.

Iterate like you’re on fire. Without burning out.

We empower our teams to focus on holistic solutions, make decisions quickly, and bring life-changing products to market faster. As a manager at Liberty Mutual, you’ll be charged with clearing the runway so that your teams can launch quicker experiments, fail faster, push further and succeed bigger. It's like having the challenge and creativity of a startup, with the stability of a large company to back you up. Yes, really.

Stay focused on the mission. Not the deadline.

We're on a mission to make a difference in the lives of our customers. For our teams, that means approaching a challenge without the constraints of arbitrary deadlines and requirements. Instead, they keep working at it until one of two things happens: they succeed, or they prove there’s a better way. The power of this approach lies in its laser-like focus on the problems of our customers, rather than on the expectations that come with executing a specific solution. As a cross-functional team member, you’ll have the flexibility to identify problems, experiment with ideas and create iterative solutions that solve for continuous customer feedback.

Here “scrappy” equals resourcefulness, not a lack of resources.

From modern cloud-native technologies, to scalable microservice-based architecture, to state-of-the-art methods of software delivery, we’re making it easier for our tech gurus to stay focused on continuous improvement, and meet customer needs in ways that other insurance providers haven’t thought of.

To be successful, we need passionate problem-solvers to help guide our transformation. Join us.

Don’t just take our word for it.

For our talented tech teams, “digital transformation” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. Here are just two of the ways they’re putting their passions to work protecting our customers in new and unexpected ways.

I Buy Motorcycle

Recently, Liberty software engineers teamed up with Pivotal Labs to introduce a new customer experience for buying motorcycle insurance – launching a minimum viable product to market in just 28 days. To kick off the mission, the team conducted interviews with motorcyclists to understand their needs, pain points and motivations related to motorcycle insurance. They synthesized research insights to create customer personas and user journey maps guided their exploration of possible solutions. The first app version collected just enough data to calculate annual premiums for customers, allowing the team to build, measure, and learn along the way. The team continues to gather feedback from customers on the product and continuously incorporates new features into the product; ultimately increasing ease-of-use and customer adoption.


The SNOWCHASER™ project engaged a cross-functional team within Liberty Mutual Benefits in rapid development to deliver a new offering. The highly collaborative team delivered an innovative experience and quickly released a new, fully operational "cancel for any reason" travel product to market in Massachusetts and Arizona. The team just wrapped up its first pilot, and the site can still be accessed at: