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The Right Workspace & Technology, Wherever You Are 

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No matter where you work — from a large campus, a small office, or from home — Liberty Mutual wants everyone to have the best workplace and technologies to feel engaged, inspired and motivated.

The way people work is changing. At Liberty Mutual, it’s changing too. Liberty is committed to exploring alternative workspaces and technologies that can help employees be more collaborative, productive and motivated.

The Dover, New Hampshire Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group is challenging the conventions of typical work environments by creating something beyond a shared space - they’ve created a “team space”.

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The ETS group took inspiration from site visits to smaller agile software companies to help design its collaborative workspace. The visits helped form their vision to establish a workspace dedicated to long-term teams. The space is customizable and collaborative, with spaces for shared whiteboarding activities, “always on” video conferencing, adjustable desks, full-size monitors, and track boards for ideas.

“This space has so much potential, I love that I can just stand up or turn to my
colleague and collaborate so effortlessly.”

- Jamie, Business Systems Analyst

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If you’re working remotely, you won’t have to worry about carrying a “work” computer. Liberty’s evolving cloud-based technology allows employees the option to perform their daily work activities by using their own personal computers from wherever they may be, without having to use a separate device.

No matter the location, Liberty is using technologies and the latest research to create workspaces and offer choices that encourage interaction and engagement. Video conferencing technology allows for virtual participation and screen sharing for employees across the globe. And if you want to “go for a stroll” in an office you’ve never physically been to - many teams are using Double Robotics Telepresence Robots to allow remote participants to have a physical presence from offsite locations.